Welcome to Kyneton Men’s Shed

The Kyneton Men’s Shed is now located at 2 Riverwalk Boulevard (formerly Edgecombe Street) in Kyneton . Down by BUPA.
We have woodworking equipment and machinery.
The Men’s Shed is open to men of all ages and there is a membership fee of $50 per annum ($25 for insurance $25 administration).
The Men’s Shed provides a friendly community environment for men to socialize and to work on projects.
The Shed’s hours of operation
Currently the Kyneton Men’s Shed is currently open 10 am – 3 pm from Wednesday to Friday.
The Shed also has a small library, computer with internet connection, and basic cooking equipment.
Lunchtime starts around noon and during this 45-minute period no machinery can be used.  A modest fee is charged for lunch.
We are members of: