Shed membership is open to all men

Membership is open to all men, and provides a convivial atmosphere of mateship and socialization.  Membership is required after your third visit.

The Shed is well equipped with a wide variety of woodworking and metal working equipment, so that all members have ready access to tools, opportunities, advice and support.

Our members cover a wide range of skills from tradesmen including electricians, carpenters, plumbers and motor mechanics, through to administrators, journalists, photographers and graphic designers and even an internet savvy retired executive.  All are happy to share their experiences with newcomers.

You can use all of our equipment for private or community projects.

Current membership is $50 (including your insurance). However, no-one is excluded because of genuine financial hardship.

Kyneton Men’s Shed is seeking more retired professional men to join. Chairman, John Mitchell: “Men’s Sheds are also for professionals”.

“We’d like to have an architect, an accountant, a lawyer, and retired council executive, for example. “Our ‘tradies’ are always happy to impart their knowledge and teach their skills to those who want to learn.”

A good time for prospective members to visit the Shed at 8 Mollison Place, is around midday Wed to Fri, when the barbecue lunch can be enjoyed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Kyneton Men’s Shed secretary

Phil Thomas on 0408528408