About us

Our history

Kyneton Men’s Shed Inc began operating under the name of Cobaw Kyneton Men’s Shed in 2001 at a double garage located at 8 Mollison Place under the auspices of Cobaw Community Health.  Its objective was to assist men’s health and well being.

It is believed to be the third men’s shed to be established in Australia and as such has a rich and proud heritage of helping men from all walks of life, often giving them a genuine sense of purpose. Indeed, more than 80 local men have registered with the Shed since its inception.

In September 2014, the men attending the Shed decided that it was time to become fully independent, and so in September they registered the name Kyneton Men’s Shed Incorporated. The decision by the men was welcomed by Cobaw, which agreed to support the transition to independence by enabling the men to remain in the existing shed until June 2017.

Our Shed’s Mission

To provide a welcoming environment for men from all walks of life where they can socialize and enjoy a wide range of activities from various trades through to hobbies and general social interaction.

Our Shed’s Values

Honesty, integrity, mate-ship and fellowship.

Our Shed’s Objectives

    • To promote good health, welfare and well-being of its members.
    • To assist members in undertaking projects of various types including, but not limited to, woodwork, metalwork, model making, motor vehicle maintenance and restoration, hobbies and general repairs to home equipment.
    • To promote good fellowship among its members.
    • To engage with the local community and to actively seek to recruit new members.
    • To mentor those seeking our help.
    • To undertake, where possible, community work on either a free of charge or paid basis.
    • To promote the Shed and its members through the local media.


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