Men’s Shed receive $10,000 donation

Media Release from:  December 2016
Local businessman opens Men’s Shed appeal with $10,000 donation
Local business identity and award winning wool producer, Noel Henderson of Avington Farm, Sidonia, has opened the Kyneton Men’s Shed Relocation Fund Raising Campaign with a most generous gift of $10,000.

Mr. Henderson said he was a firm believer in the importance of Men’s Sheds, and when he became aware of the need for the Kyneton facility to relocate decided that he had to help.  And into the bargain, he has become a paid up member.

“I strongly support men’s sheds, and I urge local businesses to get behind our local Shed and it’s relocation project,” Mr. Henderson said.  “The Kyneton Shed does significant community work, and at the moment needs all the help it can muster.”

Mr. Henderson said he would help members raise funding and sponsorship.  He also called on the Kyneton community to support the Shed, saying: “It is our shed, and it works for the betterment of men’s health and provides many men with the focus they need both in their retirement and at weekends.”

Shed chairman, John Mitchell, said he was delighted with Mr. Henderson’s wonderful gift.

“We never thought we would have such a generous benefactor appear from out of nowhere, put up his hand and say ‘I want to help’, and then present us with a cheque for $10,000.” he said.

“This is a significant ‘kicker’ for our fund raising.  It sets a very high standard, and on behalf of our members, I thank Noel for this great donation.”

Mr. Mitchell said Shed members planned to start knocking on the doors of local businesses seeking fun ding, help in kind, or both.  He added that donations of $100 or more were tax deductible provided they were made correctly.

“But help in kind is just as important,” he said.

“We want this Shed to become a popular meeting place for men,” Mr. Mitchell said. “A place they where they can enjoy mateship, make new friends, and discuss wide ranging male issues from motor cars through to health, relationships and current affairs.

“It should become a place where men will want to regularly drop in for a cup of coffee or tea, to enjoy a lunch or simply chat with other men.

“We have terrific equipment including electric saws of all types, power and hand tools, welding gear, wooding turning tools and a lathe.   The problem is that we have to move from our current premises and be established in our new premises before June n30 next year.

“We want our new shed to become Kyneton’s unofficial male club.

Equipment that the Shed needs include:

  • Electrical fittings and wires.
  • New tables and chairs.
  • Natural gas barbecue.
  • Treadmill and exercise bike.
  • Plumbing equipment.
  • Kitchen cabinetry.
  • Espresso coffee machine.
  • Cooker and oven.
  • Large 2-door refrigerator.

“Remember.  Men’s Sheds are not just for retired ‘tradies’.  They are for all men from all walks of life, and here in Kyneton we have a growing number of men who simply want to sit around, relax and talk with other men.”

Mr. Mitchell grinned as he said: “Ladies, if the man in your life is getting in the way at home, is listless and needs a purpose in life, send him along to the Kyneton Men’s Shed!”

Further in formation

Kyneton Men’s Shed Inc Chairman, John Mitchell, 5422 6465 or 0455 026 776