Kyneton Men’s Shed Inc INCLUSION POLICY

Membership is open to all men and offers the opportunity to get together with others for mate-ship, support and interests. Come along – you’ll soon be joining up.

The Shed has a variety of facilities, so there’s bound to be something for you. Whether you’re into wood or metal working, jigsaws or board games, reading or computers, or just having a good old chat with someone else, Kyneton Men’s Shed gives you the place to do it.

If you thought the Shed was just for tradesmen, think again. No matter what walk of life, or occupation background you’re from, you’ll most probably meet up with someone similar … or totally different at the Shed.

Current membership is $55 p.a.  (including your insurance), and if you are experiencing financial hardship payment terms can be arranged.

Please note – Associate Membership for $40 is available.

Kyneton Men’s Shed Inc. (KMS) is a voluntary membership, self-funded, not for profit community organization. 

The primary purpose of Kyneton Men’s Shed Inc. is to provide a facility where men can:

  • Associate with other men on common ground.
  • Enjoy ongoing, men focused, social and practical activities.
  • Find support for their mental and physical well-being.

Members of KMS come from widely diverse backgrounds, are mostly retired from full time employment and, while they may find common association with others, are primarily seeking participation and involvement without the day-to-day responsibilities they’ve previously experienced in their workplaces.

KMS is a purpose-built facility comprising a lunch/meeting room with kitchen, a library, office, toilets and washrooms, and an extensive and well-equipped workshop.

All those wishing to become members must complete a Facility and Health & Safety induction course or a seven-week workshop practice course.  Following this, on payment of a $55 membership fee and acceptance by the management committee, they are qualified to enter the KMS for social purposes and to engage in projects requiring the use of low-risk handheld tools and materials.

Before members are permitted to use high risk power tools and major equipment, they must also complete further H&S & skill proficiency training modules.

Members must, at all times, comply with all Health & Safety and other Statutory and Legislative workplace regulations.

KMS supports participation by people at all levels of ability, with a focus on what people can achieve, not what they can’t.


While members may find support from other members in pursuing their particular goals/projects it is not an expectation nor a requirement of any member that they should provide assistance to other members unless it is their wish to do so.

In general terms, members are expected to be self-reliant in their endeavours.

Where a member requires a support person or carer, the carer/support person (for insurance purposes) must also become a financial member and complete all of the H&S and Skills Training modules relating to the member they are supporting.  A member requiring a carer will not be admitted to KMS unless he is accompanied by his designated carer.

While workshop tools and machinery and some materials are available for member use, specialized materials must be provided by the member.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to women, providing access to KMS facilities on Tuesdays. Annual fee of $35 pa.

All Health & Safety & skills training requirements of Members also apply to Associate members.

To Join please print appropriate application page and complete – and personally deliver it to the shed on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning.

OR snail mail- Tony Paterson, Secretary, KMS, 2 Riverwalk Boulevard Kyneton 3444.